Vivian is defying the odds and is now on the home stretch of his university journey

Started from the bottom now we here. Honestly, I finished school in the country where most people don’t have high expectations of you to go onto further tertiary study! However, the goal was always to become a veterinarian since the day I reached the stage of choosing careers.

How did I know?

I followed my passions in the health sciences and took hold of an opportunity to gain experience at my local vet clinic. This experience confirmed that I had chosen the right path and I have never looked back with regret on that decision.

At a demonstration with Dr Liz Tudor

Having completed a Bachelor of Science and the first two years of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), I’m finally onto the homestretch of my 6-year university adventure!

I’m currently in my third year of the DVM, and this year has been mostly focussed on our clinical approach to cases and preparing us for what we would be exposed to on a daily basis. Handling and interacting with live healthy animals in order to complete our practicals is extremely refreshing as compared to the theory side of physiology and anatomy (although they are just as important).

As my classes in third year are based at the Werribee campus, I’ve moved out of home and have been living on campus at Kendall Hall. Kendall Hall has been that excellent stepping stone before renting or owning a home. It provides you with everything a student could want - a fully equipped kitchen (except maybe forks for now), NBN internet and university Wi-Fi, along with electricity and laundry included! You can determine how much social interaction you want, and considering everyone here is doing the same course as you, everyone respects each other’s’ space when it’s come to the busy study periods.

My room at Kendall Hall

It's always difficult to predict or even map out what will happen in the future and I’m certainly open to a wide range of pathways.

Locumming (temporarily working in someone else’s place) is something I’d like to do in my career as a vet at some point in the future. It’s a great way to travel to a variety of overseas places and meet vets from across the globe that share similar passions, along with their respective cultures!

Another thing I’d like to pursue in my career is to specialise in surgery. Surgery is something I have enjoyed in the little exposure I have had but also something that would suit my strengths, mind-set and approach to the clinical setting. I’m not exactly sure how and where it might happen, but I certainly would like to make it a reality!

Auscultating a greyhound

There are many other little things that I would hope to achieve and experience. But one thing is for certain - I’m excited to reach out for all the opportunities that will present itself as I continue moving forward in my veterinary career.

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