From India to Australia - Nikita has learnt a lot from her experience

I was in my final year studying food and technology at Delhi University, India when I decided to pursue further studies overseas. I wanted to advance my knowledge of the business side of the food sector and I came across the Master of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne – the best university in Australia.

This course allowed me to specialise in agribusiness and offered a great amalgamation of the subjects I wanted to study. Moreover, the University was highly ranked in this study area.

Exploring Melbourne - the most liveable city in the world

It was the month of February in the year 2016 when I arrived in Melbourne to begin my postgraduate studies. It was not easy for me to move to Melbourne as I had never lived without my parents before. But the continuous support from my family and the zeal and zest in me to pursue my career gave me the courage to take this big step.

Like most new international students, I was very scared and nervous about adjusting to a new environment and making new friends when I first arrived in Melbourne. But slowly and gradually, everything went well. The people here are so friendly and welcoming that they make you feel like you belong here.

It was also difficult for me to adapt to the new learning system. But with the help of my excellent faculty and unique academic services provided by the University, I was able to adjust to the education system here.

The campus also has many comfortable study places and technical project rooms students can use. These facilities have made it so much easier for me to complete my assignments, prepare for my presentations and gear up for my exams. For me, the 1888 building is my second home for studies. This is where I study and store my belongings safely in the lockers available.

Outside the 1888 Building on campus 

Outside out my studies, I am an executive member of the Graduate Agriculture and Food Society (GAFS) -  a society for all postgraduate agriculture and food science students. At GAFS, we try to foster communication between students, industry, and the Faculty. I act as a mentor to our new Bachelor of Agriculture students and I have also represented the University in the pre-departure briefings held in New Delhi, India. I also work part-time as a Front House Attendant in a four-star hotel named Hotel Grand Chancellor where I get to serve and interact with new people every day.

The GAFS Committee 

With one semester left, I can say that my experience at the University of Melbourne has been remarkable. I have learnt a lot from this university, built many professional contacts and made so many friends. I am grateful for all the opportunities and challenges that came my way as this had made my university life worthwhile.

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